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Custom Hay Services

At Highland Ag Services, we take great pride in what we do as custom hay operators. We do not look at this as we have to get your hay up as quickly as possible, but instead how to get your hay up in the best way to keep it as nutritionally valuable as possible. We are farmers ourselves and know that one of the best influences for livestock gain during the winter time is nutrition. Our goal is to get you the highest quality forage from what is available in your fields. We can handle anything from small square bales that are perfect for horse farms to tightly packed round bales perfect for feeding the largest of cattle herds. Our square bales are adjustable and tightly made to fit your needs for your herd that generally range between 50 and 60 pounds. Our round baler is able to produce 4 feet wide bales that are up to 6 feet tall, with the ability of doing dry or wet hay and the options of knives, we can create the optimum sized bale for your operation increasing your feeding efficiency.

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