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Litter, Lime, and Manure Spreading

Using a 13 ton vertical beater spreader, we are able to haul up to 13 tons of poultry litter, compost, lime, or cattle manure at a time to your fields making quick work of even the biggest jobs. From the finest manures such as turkey litter to the toughest pen pack manure, our vertical beaters allow us to spread it all at an even, consistent pattern across the field. With the flotation tires we can go whenever we are needed, rain or shine, and perform our tasks on the steepest ground without as much soil compaction as opposed to spreader trucks. We utilize GPS guidance so we make sure to cover your fields completely and consistently which allows us to print off a job report, allowing you to keep complete records of where and when which areas are fertilized as well as the type of the manure. 

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