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2020 Hay Season Is Here

This weekend was one of many of the year, but a very important weekend to our hay season of the year 2020. While we have been preparing for it all Winter and Spring, whether that be through equipment repairs or fertilizing hay fields. The first time we cut hay for a season we usually take it easy and do two fields of our own, sort of like a trial run. We do this to work out any bugs we may have missed so that we can be sure the next break in the weather we can get, we are able to roll at full force. Starting with our own hay allows us to make sure that if anything goes wrong, then it is our hay that will take a fall in quality and only a slight amount. This helps us to prevent most issues before we get to any of our larger fields where our goal is to get in and go at it hard and the last thing we want in those fields are set backs of any kind. This time period also goes to make any adjustments needed to have the equipment in top working order to make sure we preserve the quality of your crops. With the first weekend of hay season 2020 wrapped up we are glad to say that everything went smoothly and we made some beautiful first cutting hay. We baled a total of 53 round bales to keep for cattle hay over the winter and made 208 square bales of which about 100 bales went to another satisfied customer.

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